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Advertising items and gadgets

On our website you can find a wide selection of advertising gadgets and items to create them - these are among others advertising lanyards + logobands, key rings, bookmarks, assortment for calendars or car pennants. We focus on perfect execution of our products: their impeccable look and high durability are a showcase of our company.

Promotional lanyards and textile advertising gadgets

In this category you can find advertising lanyards with logo in woven or printed version. The printed version can be made using two different technologies - transfer printing or screen printing. Printed lanyards offered by us are made with the highest care: the pattern is durable, clear and precise, and the colors do not fade even after a long time.

The department includes various textile advertising gadgets, such as lanyards, bookmarks or key rings. Due to precise workmanship, the products are not only characterized by high durability, but also elegant and eye-catching look, which is very important in case of advertising gadgets.

Advertising suspenders

We offer high quality elastics for production of advertising suspenders with woven logo. Production technology ensures above-average durability of the pattern and comfort of use, as well as a very effective and elegant look of braces.

Woven accessories for calendars and notebooks

In this section you'll find a range of accessories for calendars and notebooks, including divider tapes and elastic bands (also with logo versions). You'll also find elastic rings for books, notebooks and calendars - equipped with a practical pencil or pen holder to make your final product even more functional.

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